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A free, anonymous, and super simple tool to run a version of the Spotify Health Check Survey.

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  1. Create your poll
  2. Share the unique link with your team
  3. Use the results as a conversation starter

Your team will answer 8 strongly worded questions that will help you uncover important themes for discussion.

All answers are anonymous, and no login is required.

You can create an account to organize the different polls from your team. Still, no login is required from your team.

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Check how your team is feeling in these 8 areas

This tool is a conversation starter. It won't really tell you what to do, but it will help you figure out what questions to ask. That's why the possible answers are strongly worded.

Easy to release

Releasing is risky, painful, lots of manual work, and takes forever

Releasing is simple, safe, painless & mostly automated

Suitable process

Our way of working sucks

Our way of working fits us perfectly

Tech quality

Our code is a pile of dung, and technical debt is raging out of control

We’re proud of the quality of our code! It is clean, easy to read, and has great test coverage


We deliver crap. We feel ashamed to deliver it. Our stakeholders hate us

We deliver great stuff! We’re proud of it and our stakeholders are really happy


We never seem to get done with anything. We keep getting stuck or interrupted.

Stories keep getting stuck on dependencies We get stuff done really quickly. No waiting, no delays


We have no idea why we are here, there is no high level picture or focus. Our so-called mission is completely unclear and uninspiring

We know exactly why we are here, and we are really excited about it



We love going to work, and have great fun working together


We never have time to learn anything

We’re learning lots of interesting stuff all the time

Frequently asked questions

What are team health checks?

You can think of them as an evolution of Maturity models where "the primary audience is the team itself rather than management.". This well known Spotify blog post introduces it.

Shouldn't I do a workshop with the team instead of a survey?

The blog post says, "Gather data primarily through Face-to-face communication, not online surveys." The discussion is the most valuable part of this exercise. In my experience, you can easily spend an hour on each question. That's a lot of time. Doing the survey before the workshop can help you prioritize the topics you want to discuss (e.g., spend more time on the ones with lower score). Keep in mind that just doing the survey is not enough. You need to spend time talking to the team.

How are the results calculated?

Like an NPS score. People with negative answers are detractors, positive are promoters, and "Mehh"s are neutral.

Is there a baseline I can compare my team to?

No. And I would not recommend comparing teams. There is a lot of subjectivity in this survey. The result is not the end goal. It is a tool to start a focused conversation. I do recommend comparing the answers of the same team over time.

Do you have a blog?

Wow! What a non-contrived question that helps me write a link our content marketing strategy blog without changing the layout! You can find our blog here.

Who is responsible for developing this wonderful Team Health Check tool?

Hey, I'm Thiago and used to run this with my teams using all sorts spreadsheets. Reach out if you have feature requests and if you would REALLY like to buy me a coffee, you can do it here.