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  • 10 Insightful Questions designed to uncover crucial themes and insights.
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Check how your team is feeling in these 10 areas

Team Health Check serves as an excellent conversation starter. It helps you determine the right questions to ask.

Easy to release

Is releasing risky and painful or simple and safe?

Suitable process

Ways of working suck or fit the team perfectly?

Tech quality

Technical debt is raging out of control or is the team proud of their code quality?


Is your team proud of the value they deliver?


Is your team getting stuff done quickly or getting stuck?


Does your team know their purpose or is their mission unclear and uninspiring?


Is your team bored or are they having great fun working together?


Does your team have time to learn?


Is your team getting support when they ask for it?

Pawns or players

Does your team feel like pawns in a game of chess or in control of their destiny?

Frequently asked questions

What are team health checks?

Team Health Checks are assessments that prioritize the team instead of management, they focus on gauging the overall health, performance, and satisfaction of team members. For a more detailed introduction, refer to this well-known Spotify blog post.

Shouldn't I do a workshop with the team instead of a survey?

It is generally better to gather data through face-to-face communication rather than online surveys. However, conducting the survey before the workshop can help prioritize topics, especially those with lower scores. Remember, the survey is just the starting point; the real value lies in the ensuing conversations with the team.

How are the results calculated?

Like an NPS score. People with negative answers are detractors, positive are promoters, and "Mehh"s are neutral.

Is there a baseline I can compare my team to?

No. And I would not recommend comparing teams. There is a lot of subjectivity in this survey. The result is not the end goal. It is a tool to start a focused conversation. I do recommend comparing the answers of the same team over time.

Do you have a blog?

Wow! What a non-contrived question that helps me write a link our content marketing strategy blog without changing the layout! You can find our blog here.

Who is responsible for developing this wonderful Team Health Check tool?

We are a small software development company from Sorocaba, Brazil. We used to run this with my teams using all sorts spreadsheets and figured that there must be a better way to run a Team Health Check.